Worn Glove

This is what my glove looks like today. This pair is made of thick cow hide – the toughest gloves I could find — and they’re only about two months old. The holes you see are the result of the kind of wear and tear that real ranch work and construction work inflict.

I have another pair of gloves – the ones I have had for twenty years – the ones I used when I did “rugged” work in the city. They are hardly worn.

I thought I had a pretty good idea of what “hard work” was, until I moved onto the ranch. THIS is hard work: trenching, pouring concrete, putting up barbed wire fences, hauling lead-acid batteries, hauling hay and straw bales, and a million other tasks too numerous to mention.

But what’s most interesting is that I’m happy about it. This is good in every measure. Since I’ve adopted my new life-style I’ve effortlessly lost forty pounds. I eat all the rich and fatty foods I want, my strength and endurance have more than doubled, and I sleep soundly every night. I used to suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, acid re-flux disease, and diverticulitis — and all three conditions are now completely gone. I can offer no logical explanation as to why.

All I can say is that I think the body is made to work. I think that living a sedimentary life is destructive to health, both physical and emotional.

My new gloves may have worn out, but they’re protecting my body the same fate.

– Sam

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