You can make a difference right now!

These are the items most needed at the CLR ranch right now. Would you consider making a donation to cover the cost of some of these? Or would you consider sending the items, new or used (but still working) directly to us?

  • $15 per pair — Hay hooks — two sets needed
  • $40 each — Folding camp chairs — as many as we can get
  • $40 per set — Plastering tools (trowels, hawks, etc.) — three sets needed
  • $125 each — 12v DC to 110v AC Inverter — four needed
  • $80 each — 85 Amp Deep-Cycle lead-acid batteries — twenty needed
  • $200 — An electric mortar mixer — one needed
  • $500 each — 150 watt, 24 volt mono-crystalline Solar Panel — eight needed
  • $700 — A gasoline powered two-man auger  — one needed
  • $1,100 each — Windmax HY1000-5 1,000 Watt Wind Turbine — three needed
  • $1,500 — 3000 watt diesel generator — one needed

With your permission,
if you provide us a Wish List item we’ll thank you right here
to help celebrate your generosity.

Thanks in advance! 

To “Anonymous” from Pasadena California for purchasing an Electric Mortar Mixer! Your donation is deeply appreciated!

2 Responses to WISH LIST

  1. israel says:

    hey now, im planning a trip to nm in about 10 days, would like to get together then. im 44, retired musician, seeking community/domain. i have the necessary skill, materials, and vision to create a sustainable domain in harmony w/ all that is. there are 2 geodesic domes, 1 greenhouse, and 1 shelter. the shelter dome can be used as a form to create more. there is a 500watt energyball wind turbine that could possibly be used by the community. also have a couple solar panels, composting toilet, sm. water tanks, sm. methane digester ect.. ready to settle somewhere and start eating what i grow. hope to hear from you soon. have fun………….israel

    • admin says:

      Hello Israel. I’m sending you an email now to give you some details on how to visit.

      – Sam
      Operations Director
      Cielito Lindo Ranch, Inc.

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