Visiting the Ranch


Visit us during Spring and Summer

Cielito Lindo Ranch is open for public tours from the
5th to the 20th of April, May and June
by appointment only.

Please let us know you’re coming at least one week in advance otherwise we won’t be able to accommodate you. Sorry.
Click here to make arrangements.

Closed to the Public Fall and Winter (July through March)

Cielito Lindo Ranch is closed to visitors in Fall and Winter.

To assure yourself of a spot, click here to let us know you’re coming. Click below to download the Visitor Guide be sure to read and sign and return it before you arrive.

CLR Visitor Welcome Document — Spring 2014

Please don’t leave a comment asking us to call you. Comments like that are deleted. Our policy prevents us making outgoing calls. If you need to reach us, send us an email at or call us at 575.322.4122.


11 Responses to Visiting the Ranch

  1. Pamela Benda says:

    I have for many years , back in the early eighties to nineties worked to organize the Green Party in Central and Northern Ca. For these last few yrs I have been in search of intentional community that lives the Green ideals of striving for sustainability, and reaches out to the greater community to teach these skills. Although I dont have a specific skill related to sustainable living, I can contribute skills and gifts that enrich the lives of residents and guests: My art (painting) workshops at Circle Pines Resort and Educational center were well recieved, Massage/polarity therapist, and one of my favorite pastimes gardening. I also have experience in landscaping, and professional writing (published author and column in community Spirit Mag..)
    I admire the level of development you have achieved, and hope to both be able to contribute, and learn new skills.
    Many thanks for your kind consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Pam Benda

  2. Jan Hawley says:

    I am looking for a place to retire, as I just turned 65. My question is how do I build a home by myself? Can I pay to get help to build it? I am 65 and my back is tricky. Is it possible to get the internet in the home? Is there indoor plumbing in the home? Do people generally help one another, or are you on your own? I have a son who is also interested in going green, but he in into computers, so would need computer access in the home. Is that possible? Also, is there any way to keep things cook in the home, such as milk and juice? How about ice cream – we love ice cream. Looking forward to visiting but need more information first. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      These are a lot of questions.

      First off, almost anyone can build their own house these days–do check out the Tiny Houses. It’s all about what you want to do…and what you are able to do. And paid help is always available anywhere–even in rural New Mexico.

      If you build your own house–or design it–you decide what you want and need. Going off the grid does not mean doing without. We have indoor plubming and Internet. We also have a pantry and kitchen. OFf the grid does not mean no power–there’s plenty of power for all kinds of things.

      The questions you want to ask are: Where do you want to live? What kinds of climate are you looking for? Can you deal with snow in the winter, or are you looking for hot summers? What are your plans for a house–for water and power? What kind of facilities do you need nearby (do you need to be close to a doctor or a hospital or family)? You want to look at your own requirements first, and then you can look for a place that best suits them.

      You’re welcome to arrange a visit to CLR–but do keep in mind we are closed in December and January. Winter months are not great visiting times. And do look to visit anywhere before you move so you know if that area meets your needs.

  3. LR says:

    Hi we are very interested in coming to visit next week. I submitted a request on the contact page, but haven’t heard back yet, and I just wanted to find out if it’s a possibility so we can arrange our travel plans. Your place looks amazing and we are really interested in seeing it! Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Right now we are still in cold, winter weather, so unless you have a camper or want to stay at a local hotel, now is not a great time to visit (we only have camping spots on the ranch).

      Please email CielitoLindoRanch@gmail so we can talk about schedules.




    • admin says:

      We don’t have a ministry. We are an educational, learning center. Please visit our site and read our visitor guidelines to learn about visiting.

  5. edna loehman says:

    I and a friend are thinking about visiting CLR around April 25.
    1. Is the accommodations limited to camping? (I have a small self-sufficient A-liner camper.)
    2. Are dogs on leash permitted on the grounds?
    3. Is there a refrigerator on site for camping use?
    4. would there be someone available to introduce us to CLR at this time?

    My friend is a bird specialist and has been working for the NPS summers. I am a retired economist interested in new forms of social organization. I also like to cook and garden. We would like to retire to a place such that we could be of use to the community and participate in building a sustainable future.

    • admin says:

      Please do call before you arrive–both to make certain someone is here (we volunteer with Fire and EMS and so sometimes are called away), and to make sure the roads are good. Right now they should be, but the roads are all gravel/dirt and so rain can leave them muddy and slippery.

      Accommodations right now are only camping.

      Well behaved dogs are welcome–they don’t have to be on leashes, they just have to get along with the Ranch dogs and horses and cats and chickens.

      You’ll need to bring your own refrigeration.

      Once we lock a date for you to visit, we can also include a tour.

      Please email us direct at or call the ranch at (575) 322-2250 for directions to the ranch and to lock a visiting date. And please do read the “Visiting” section of the website before you come out.


  6. Rel says:

    Can I come visit for the day? I’m just visiting out here for a month or so. I live at a community in Tennessee and would love to chat and maybe network.

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