Three Years of Sustainable Living

3 year candle for blog postAlthough CLR has been in the development stages for about fifteen years, it became a full-time endeavor in 2009 and on April 1st, 2011 the ranch was ready to inhabit full-time.

In those three years the following things have happened on the ranch:

  • We restored a vintage 1966 Airstream trailer and made it operate completely self-contained and off the grid. It’s or travelling class-room and demonstration center.
  • We found a way to use bacteria and worms to consume all organic waste. It works year round regardless of freezing temperatures and produces rich black soil with no odor whatsoever. No septic tanks, no sewer treatment plants — nothing but enriching the gardens.
  • We designed and built a fresh water system with no connection to any utility company that operates with no electricity.
  • We’ve adopted donkeys that help us control coyotes and rattle-snakes without the use of poisons or other lethal control methods.
  • We’ve designed a gray-water waste system that completely recycles water waste with no pumps, odor or maintenance.
  • We’ve designed and built a solar oven that costs about $20 to make. We’re working on one that costs only $8 (stay tuned for details).
  • We’ve designed an built an adobe/straw-bale building that heats and cools itself without any electricity or fuel of any kind.
  • We’ve invented a tip-up wet-clay building technology that allows the building of cabins or homes with nearly zero cost at remarkable speed.
  • We’ve built several composting toilets with hand-tools only and they look great.
  • We’ve designed a refrigerator that uses less than 1/10 the power of a normal refrigerator that easily runs off a single solar panel.
  • We’ve designed and built two a wind/solar power system that have already paid for themselves. This means, yes, free electricity!
  • We now regularly give lectures and workshops teaching others how to build sustainably.
  • We’ve designed and built a metal building that was made from scrap metal that acts as a solar panel mounting system plus an outdoor solar shower and a bathroom with composting toilet.
  • In our quest to encourage and grow local economies, we’ve now been publishing a a newspaper for the largest county in New Mexico.
  • We built a kiva/Rumsford fireplace that not only heats beautifully, it had a copper radiator system that can heat water and warm adjacent rooms with a radiator.
  • We’ve begun projects to: plant sunflowers to reduce CO2, create a wild-bee sanctuary, purchase and maintain wild-bee populations, house and care for rescued equines, create emergency dwelling plans for victims of natural disasters, established a Sustainable Scholarship to help a exceptional local student to pay for college, purchase and protect rural land from overgrazing and development, and feed hungry elderly people with organic cage-free ranch eggs.

Stay tuned! There’s lots more to come!

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