The Tale of Tiger-Lilly

I had no idea that when I bought the raffle ticket for the gentle chestnut filly I would actually win. I had loved horses when a girl but as years went by bring adult necessities, I left behind my dreams of a horse. I did not forget my dreams of a ‘home on the range’ however, and when I got land and house and settled in, I thought again of a horse. However, I had no idea of how to take care of a horse. My riding experience was with stables and camp where the horse is brought out ready to ride, and taken away afterward. I knew my limitations in this area so I light-heartedly bought a single ticket just because the horse was described as a chestnut, my favorite color, I had done well selling my books at the festival so I was full of good will to participate, and I figured, I never win raffles anyway so what is the harm.

I won.

I was so surprized and delighted and a bit apprehensive all at once. However, CLR made my dream of not only having my own horse but training and gentling her as well come true when I could board her at the ranch, and also take lessons there. Shannon gave me an excellent crirriculum which allowed me to become familiar with my horse, to train her step by step from accepting the halter to accepting a rider. I first ‘met’ Lily the filly-now Tiger Lily of France-on Sept. 18 2012 and had my first trail ride on Nov. 21, 2012!

I am quite ‘over the moon’ about realizing this horse and rider bond, and being able to trail ride in this beautiful country which I love so much. It is not often wishes become fulfilled in such a wonderful way. It would never have come about except for CLR .

Also visiting the ranch has helped me visualize some other dreams and carry them to fulfillment. I am one of those souls who used to read the Whole Earth Catalog as a sort of wish list of things I wanted to define my life. With CLR I get to see many techniques up close and understand how they are done. I hope to incorporate some of them into my life as well.

So Happy Thanksgiving from one who is happy and thankful for your giving of Lily the Filly in a raffle and for all you have done since to make this most cherished dream come true.

Best wishes and thanks,
Thea Marshall

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