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Zeer Pots

Modern refrigeration uses quite a bit of electrical power (especially the older refrigerators made before the advent of Energy Star). And, they require constant availability of electricity, which, in areas with lots of brown-outs and black-outs can be a real … Continue reading

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Sustainability Tips – Nov 2015

400 gallons is the amount of water the average American family uses per day. 1.5 million barrels of crude oil are used for making water bottles, globally. 2.7 tons is the amount of plastic used to bottle water and 86% … Continue reading

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Water: The New Gold

Water has always been valuable in the west. Wars have been fought over water rights–along with grazing–and water grabs have been the stuff of stories for California noir stories of corruption. These days water is becoming the new gold–it’s just … Continue reading

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Seeds for Spring

We have two main sources for our seeds: American Meadows and Native Seeds. Both offer non-GMO seeds and native seeds provides heirloom seeds. Thanks to all of the donors to our campaigns for funding our planting efforts. The photo  above … Continue reading

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