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Got a big drill or screw hole in a piece of wooden furniture, wood paneling, or door or window framing? Stick dip the tip of a wooden golf tee in wood glue then tap it into the hole with a hammer. Cut the excess off with a saw then repaint or refinish the wood.

If you’re worried your UPS or FedEx packages will be stolen from your porch, put a large beat-up and unattractive cardboard box, cooler, or other container with the bottom removed on your porch and have your package delivery company put your packages underneath it. Out of sight, out of mind.

Next time an axe, rake, shovel or other tool breaks, don’t buy another tool, just buy a replacement handle. Also, remember to keep those tools sharp! Sharp tools work much better than dull tools.

Use C-Clamps on your ladder at whatever height you need to keep tools just as a hammer at your fingertips.

Dip woodscrews in dishwashing liquid before driving them in to make them turn more easily.

To reduce splintered edges as a saw blade exits plywood, press masking tape onto the back side of the cut. The cut won’t be absolutely clean, but it will be better than without tape.

Have you ever pulled a drawer too far out and had the contents and the drawer itself crash to the floor? Here’s a solution – pull the drawer out as far as it’s safe to go then put some tape on the rail right where it protrudes from the cabinet. Look for that tape the next you pull the drawer and don’t pull it out past the tape!

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