BitCoin has become a well known digital currency. Once BitCoins value exceeded $1,000USD each, the world began paying attention and many other digital currencies appeared to “compete” with Bitcoin, and you’d expect most of them are pale impersonators.

Then, DogeCoins, which seemed like a joke initially, began putting a focus on helping charities the world over. Suddenly these digital currencies offered more than just a low cost way to transfer money.

Very recently a new digital currency has appeared on the scene – SolarCoin. This currency is designed to represent 1 megawatt hour of solar power per coin. That means that they are earned by generating solar power. And, that means that you can buy actual physical items or pay your bills with the solar power you generate.

Cielito Lindo Ranch now accepts donations via SolarCoin. We have also applied to the SolarCoin Foundation to receive grants so we can begin distributing the coins to our members who produce solar power.

It’s early yet with this new currency, but we’re excited and hoping it really helps spread solar energy and clean energy!

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