Retire without a Dime

retirement money imageThis article is interesting and might end up being necessary for most folks. The era of a comfortable retirement without the need to work seems to be long gone. Need proof?  Perhaps you’ve noticed the increasing number of septuagenarians and octogenarians working at your favorite fast-food restaurant. I doubt they’re doing it for the exercise.

What I find most informative about this article, is that many of the steps it calls for are actually the steps a person takes when they adopt a sustainable lifestyle. In summary:

Stop Spending!

You might be amazed at how much you spend on highly optional items, like Starbucks coffee, car detailing, expensive clothes, movie concessions, etc.

Pay Off All Debt

Nothing will bring in more cash than paying off credits cards. I go further by suggesting you tear the damn things up!


You’ll have to get used to living a simpler life. You’ll end up spending more time with friends and family — doing things together. Deeper, more caring relationships result when one works together as a community to survive.

Find People in the Same Situation

Many hands make light work. Begin to network and find ways to locate others in the same situation. People working together can find highly creative solutions. When many people of the same age, interests, and values are living in the same area and helping each other, it’s a happy arrangement. As so many people have the same issues, it’s quite likely that finding a location where costs are much lower isn’t going to isolate you from likeminded people. So, at this point, networking is important. This is, in fact, one of the reasons we are building an Intentional Community at the ranch.

Investigate Less Expensive Areas to Live

Places outside the big city are less expensive than city center. In areas like New Mexico, an income of $500 a month equates to a good, happy, abundant life.

There’s a lot more in the article. Enjoy it!

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