Raising the Mast

We’ve added wind power to our solar panels — or we’re about to. The hardest part of this was actually creating the mast and getting it into place. That’s now done with metal brackets to strap the wind turbine pole to the steel building–and we’ll be adding guy wires for additional safety (we also have double strapping on the brackets for extra security).

This is going to be well worth the effort since the wind turbine provides the same amount of power as seven solar panels–and that’s at the cost of one a one-half solar panels. So far more power for the dollar spent.

This particular wind turbine is a five blade 24 volt wind turbine that generates 1 kilowatt of power. It also has a computer control on it so that if the batteries are fully charged, the turbine shuts off. And if the wind gets too crazy much, the turbine will lock down as well, preventing any damage.

It’s taken longer than we thought it would to put up the wind turbine partly because we needed to assemble all the equipment to raise the mast. But then also because we needed a very quiet, wind-free day–the good news is that there are few of those around here. There’s almost always a nice breeze, which is great because this means free wind power is now going to be providing a lot more power to Cielito Lindo.

NOTE: We’ve added a resource page with links to books — and equipment — that can be help anyone switch to solar and wind power. A little investment goes a long way. And we’ll be adding more information on how to do-it-yourself.

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