Pie Festival 2013

As we do every year we had a booth at Pie Town’s Pie Festival and it was a huge and very successful event! We had about fifty vendors and about two-thousand visitors from all over the area.

This year we were handing out a total of four brochures that were very popular, including two new ones. If you’d like to download them, here are the Composting, Recycling, Solar and Wind brochures.

Like last year we showed off a Rocket Stove and served hot tea to visitors. It turns out we didn’t bring enough wood, so I just walked across the street and picked up some twigs and we were back in business. Try that with a propane stove!

We’re working on a Do-It-Yourself version of the Rocket Stove that we think can cost less than $10. We’re also planning to build a Rocket Mass Heater into one of our new cabins to test to see how effective and efficient they really are.

We kept our cell phones charged with solar cell phone chargers. I was amazed how many people had now idea such a thing was possible! Follow the link and you’ll see how many options are available and how amazingly affordable they can be.

We raffled off three great books on sustainable living and permaculture. We also raffled off a hand-made leather purse that was kindly donated to us by Rain at The Good Pie restaurant, as well as a hand-made Pie Safe donated by Michael, her husband. The pie safe was made from salvaged wood. Please do thank them by dropping by for a meal sometime when you’re in the area.

A big thank you goes out to the Pie Town Community Council for providing us with a display space and being so friendly and cooperative. Thanks also for all the hundreds of visitors, the many people who made donations to us, and an especially big thanks to all the people who took the time to stop and chat with us.

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