No Longer Cooped Up

As you may know 2016 is the “Year of the Chicken” here at Cielito Lindo Ranch. This is the partial story about the new chicken coop that is currently under  construction.

Initially a small coop was donated. A phone of it is in the gallery above. This coop is very small, and can only accommodate three chickens at the most.  We currently have seven chickens, so we’re literally building just ahead of the chicken’s alarmingly fast growth.

Extending the coop was the only answer. You can see we’re using old, new, and salvaged materials. Doing this requires a lot of flexible and innovative building techniques — especially since the  boards are often warped and bent.

The frame is made of new, old, and salvaged 2x4s. The roof is made of boards salvaged from shipping palettes. The roofing tiles are made of cut and flattened number 10 cans donated from the local pie shop.

The floor is made of a spare dog kennel panel which was also donated.

Two of the walls are made of three-string straw bales. It provides excellent thermal protection and allows you to remove the walls in case of mite infestation.

We’ll keep you updated as construction continues.

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