Livin’ Small – Ideas 1

Here are some of the things learned about living small:

  • It’s better to have a car port instead of a garage. Garages become storage areas, in some cases eventually even ejecting the car. Plus, car ports can be cleaned with a garden hose — sweet!
  • Living is improved by the addition of adjustable folding shelves built into walls. This can also be done with a breakfast/dining table.
  • A great idea from the past that we’ll be reclaiming is the tradition of punched metal cabinets. These tiny holes allow for air circulation yet prevent insects!
  • There is no reason in the world for heavy furniture. All furniture should be folding, especially folding tables and chairs.
  • It’s very practical to sit on pillows rather than furniture. And pillows are versatile, movable, light, and easy to move around.
  • There’s no reason for bed frames.
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