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Well… it looks like we’ve formally missed our deadline. We were hoping to get the main building finished before the severe weather, and we missed it.

Looks like the solar shower is going to be a bit colder than we hoped

The warm sunny days at CLR have become the sunny and not so warm days and very cold nights. The weather service is predicting nights this week at 3 degrees Fahrenheit ( -16.1 Celsius). That’s cold when you don’t have a real building to stay in and you sleep in a 45 year-old Airstream instead.

I took a sledge hammer over to break the ice on the drinker (where the horses and donkeys drink)

But the worst part is that using earth materials like adobe just isn’t possible when the temperature is freezing or below — the materials just don’t set up properly and are ruined if you try, so the building process is going to be much slower, or stopped all together.

Just days ago we were making so much progress:

Adrian proud of his work on the strawbale wall

The Lodge as it stands right now

The good news is that the straw-bale and adobe walls are complete, as well as the bond-beam (the wood at the top of the walls). Added good news is that the entire thing has passed inspection! This is the last structural inspection and we’re all celebrating!

However, as you can see, the roof needs to be fully installed, the walls need to be plastered, adobe floors installed, electrical and plumbing finished, and then the windows and doors to be installed.

Our plan is to immediately “put the lid on”, which is another way of saying “install the roof”. We’re hoping we can warm the interior with wood fires enough that we can continue working even in these cold conditions.

To pull this off successfully we could certainly use your help. I know you all have your own priorities, disasters, gift shopping, and budgetary issues to deal with, but we hope you can spend just a moment to make a tax-deductible donation right now. The happy little orange donate button is at the top of this page and on the right! If all of our members and regular website visitors donated just $5 we can breeze through this winter productively and in comfort.

Won’t you take a moment now to and donate at least $5, the cost of a cup of  Starbucks, to help make our big dream come true?

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