Kitten Naming Contest — THE WINNER

Sorry about the long delay. As you might have gathered from the previous posts, there have been a lot of challenges with the lodge foundation, and there is an insane urgency to getting the lodge built before sub-zero temperatures hit the area.

Now, all disclaimers, excuses, and kvetching being complete, on to the event at hand:

With all votes counted, the results are:

33% – Winkin, Blinken and Nod

15% – Mittens, Jazzy and Friskey

52% – Aslan, Gertrude and Bastet

So, I present to you:

Aslan, Gertrude and Bastet

The person who submitted the winning names is Bethany and she’s going to receive a $50 gift certificate to The Animal Rescue Site.

Hopefully someday you’ll visit Cielito Lindo Ranch and meet Aslan, Gertrude and Bastet yourself. They’re very friendly for barn-cats and will very much enjoy your visit.

Thanks to all who participated : )

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