Farmer’s Markets

There are few things better than local produce, but you can get far more at local farmers markets. Eggs, honey, bread, jams and jellies, dried herbs, locally produced meats, and handcrafted goods can often be found for sale. You can find even more at
The New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association is dedicated to strengthening the local food system by supporting agriculture producers for a healthier New Mexico. Their website lists locations for local markets all over the state, including Magdalena, Glen-wood, Socorro, Silver City, Grants, Gallup, and even more spots. They also provide great recipes that use seasonally available produce.
Right now markets are just staring to gear up based on local weather and what’s seasonally available. Many markets will have root crops such as carrots, garlic, spinach, greens, and even some red chiles.
If you’re on the SNAP program and looking to extend the value of your food dollars, you can use the Double Up program. For every dollar you spend on fresh New Mexico grown fruits and vegetables, you get another dollar to spend on New Mexico produce. That’s more than a bargain.
Another advantage to shopping at local farmers markets is that you’re supporting your local farming community—every little bit helps our local farmers and ranchers. Local produce and meat will tend to be healthier for you as well. Recent studies have shown there are beneficial microbes in produce which tend to get washed away by large chains which try to sell the best-looking produce instead of the best for you
fruits and veggies. You’ll get a better taste as well from local produce. You can be sure you are buying fruits and vegetables that are in season, and which don’t have to be picked before they are ripe to allow for long-distance shipping.
Finally, shopping at a local farmers market will get you outside so you can start to enjoy some sunshine after this rather long, snowy winter. Local markets often have local entertainment as well as food ready to eat—maybe even some homemade tamales! That means you can make a day of your shopping trip. So pick a day, find a market and head out to become a regular shopper for home-grown goodness. You might even pick up some plants that you can put into your own garden for even fresher produce and herbs to add to your meals.

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