Check here in the future for workshop announcements.

7 Responses to LEARNING

  1. Julie Carlson says:

    Please send info on workshops!

  2. Pat Heinz says:

    Interested in your workshops!

  3. Susan Kehoe-Jergens, LMFT says:

    Dear Sam,
    I would love to offer my help in building/facilitating workshops and classes, womens retreats, anything on relationships.

    • kim wright says:

      I’d love to work with Susan to develop relationship workshops and help with issues, childhood family of origin issues, anger issues, current relationship issues helping couples get closer

  4. Susan Kehoe-Jergens, LMFT says:

    Dear Kim,
    That sounds great! We should dialogue with Sam and Shannon to make a plan. If we build it< they will come!

  5. dennis mack says:

    The following Community property is for sale in southern NM:

    Do you accept ADS on your website?


    • admin says:

      We don’t do website ads, but you can run an ad in the Catron Courier. Megan who handles ad sales will contact you.



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