CeilingWe’ve been struggling with what to do with the lodge ceiling — yes, we’re moving to inside work now. The first thought was some sort of drop ceiling. We want room above the ceiling for additional insulation (beyond what is just under the roof) and double-bubble insulation that will help keep heat in (or out) and the cold out, too. We found a great source for formaldehyde-free insulation from Johns Manville, in fact Loews now seems to only carry this insulation, which is wonderful news for everyone. But the drop ceiling idea was either going to be expensive, or end up looking like an office. Neither option appealed.

We looked at tin–it’s beautiful, but you still have to attach the tin to something, and we’d thought about gypsum board and plywood, and nothing was seeming like a very green option. Then we started looking at photos of other straw bales (the Small Strawbale is a great book for ideas), and we saw bamboo ceilings.

Searching online turned up Cali Bamboo, a company that specializes in bamboo, which is a highly sustainable product. They’re also not too far from us (back in CA), and the prices were good. So were the ideas.

Bamboo CeilingThe idea is pretty simple–a wood frame and you use bamboo fencing over the top. At 3/4 inch, the bamboo can easily hold the double-bubble and insulation above it. This also gives us a lowered ceiling so we have an air gap to help with the space area. It’s green, it’s affordable–green for the pocket book is always good. It should also end up being something we can do with a ladder and a few folks, so not super work intensive. Always a plus. And now that we have a solution, it’s time to do implement it.


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