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  1. Jim Hathaway says:

    Please contact me reference advertising in the Courier..


    Jim Hathaway
    Plaza Furniture

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  4. James Pfeifer says:

    I have been reading your newspaper on the web but I cannot find anywhere your listing of classified ads. Can you tell me where to look?

  5. Doug Veazey says:

    Attn. Sam As a fellow journalist publishing the TOWN TALK Newspaper in Gallup I admire your publication and the desire you have to provide a community paper. For several months I have noticed the Couriers arrival here. I CANT MISS IT… your delivery person feels free to use my newsstands and choice locations provided to TOWN TALK over the past ten-plus years. At these sites our newspapers have been removed and replaced with the Courier. This practice can’t continue. Notify your delivery people that our news racks are NOT for your use. In the future you’ll need to provide your own racks. We’ve had this problem with other papers as well. We can’t and won’t allow this situation to continue. Your assistance in rectifying this matter will be appreciated. Doug

    • admin says:

      We distribute currently in two places in Gallup. We don’t have our own racks (we’re a small, non-profit publication). And we actually leave it up to the locations to put the paper where they wish it to be. So you might want to talk to the locations about the placement. We’re not looking to take anyone’s spot–but it might be that the local spots just put it where there’s an empty space.

  6. Doc Marlow says:

    We were very happy to again receive the Carton Courier in our mail box this month. It is a great publication. We appriciate all the time and effort that is put into it. Keep up the good work!!!

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