Why We’re all ADD

Interesting new study about How Cities Hurt Your Brain. Or, as they put it, “The mind needs nature, and even a little bit can be a big help.”

I’ve noticed this when I get out of town, how calming big sky or big water can be.  Apparently, a little bit of green can lead to less domestic violence, and also “just looking at a natural scene can lead to higher scores on tests of attention and memory.”

Which makes me wonder if my multitasking is due to the habits of dealing with traffic, the radio on, a mind whirling with a dozen things to do at work, and after work, and the list goes on.

We’ve started regular trips to the ranch, and I’ve noticed I always come back ‘slowed-down’ and not in a bad way. Maybe this is why the Home & Garden channel is one of the fastest growing cable networks around–folks have recognized they need that oasis to help cope.

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