Why Donkeys?


Well, first, despite their popular image, donkeys are very friendly and they enjoy hanging out with people. They’re pretty close to a dog in terms of their behavior and strange as it may sound they’re pretty good companion animals. They’re much smarter and braver than horses.

Secondly, they are strong. They easily carry heavy packs and can pull a donkey cart allowing you to haul and roam the ranch much like with an ATV without the smell or noise (or expense!).

But best of all, donkeys naturally protect your chickens, horses, dogs and other animals from coyotes! Watch:

See, the thing is that I really like coyotes, and I actually admire them. So I’m not about to shoot or trap them. So the ranch donkeys protect the ranch, and the coyotes live to eat someplace else.

Wanna meet some adorable donkeys? You know where to go : )

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