What REALLY Makes us Happy?

Did you know that happiness has been studied extensively scientifically? This six-minute video from Stanford University is a good brief introduction:

Here’s an article from TIME Magazine for those who want to dive in a bit deeper, but in short, the happiness drivers are:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Socializing
  • Free time
  • Volunteering
  • Humor
  • Dancing

So, how are we going to provide these at Cielito Lindo Ranch? Well, I think we’ve got Self-Esteem covered because nothing improves self-esteem quite like learning a new skill or finishing a project, which is what we’re all about. Socializing covered with us being an intentional community and all. Free time? Mountains of that. Volunteering? We always have volunteer work that needs doing — so that one is covered.

What should we change? We’ve decided we’re going to get a big old-fashioned caulk board where we’ll post all of the volunteer tasks that need doing on the ranch. Got some spare time to volunteer? Do the job, and erase it off the board. Sweet.

For Humor? We’ve decided to get a big screen or a projector and we’re planning on doing periodic comedy movie nights. We might also invite some comedians to give some classes on stand-up, and maybe have some writing classes on comedy script writing. That should help.

We’ve also decided to have periodic old-west style Hoedown dances, where we’ll invite everyone at the ranch and from the nearby towns to attend for free (donate a dollar or two at the door if you can afford it) and we’ll have live music to boot.

If Cielito Lindo Ranch is not a happy place as well as a beautiful place and a learning place, we haven’t met our full potential, so we need to make sure that happens!

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