What is this? Mystery and Prize!

Mystery image belongs here

There is a large prairie on the ranch which, unlike the rest of the ranch is not wooded. Right in the middle of this prairie is a little grove of trees, far from anything else.

I’ve explored this area, and even though it’s half-a-mile from the solar power system and the water well, it seemed like a lovely area to put some very private cabins.

The photo above is an areal view of the area in question. I’ve placed a “to scale” car in the scene to put the sizes in perspective. What amazed me, is that the area appears to be mostly surrounded by a “wall” and it appears to be serviced by a dirt road of some kind.

Now here is the interesting part. The “walls” and “road” are not even slightly visible from the ground. It can only be seen from the air. Strange.

The ranch is far, far away from any town, and the only buildings of any sort nearby are log homesteads from the 1860’s and a hand full of stone buildings from the Spanish Colonial period in the 1690’s. To my knowledge there were no Pueblo peoples in this area.

So… there’s the mystery. Would you like to try to figure it out? Take a guess?

We’ll award a prize for the best/most correct answer. Please place your answer in the comment section below.

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