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Why you never plaster over a hole!

The trouble with having help in to do plaster work is that sometimes it doesn’t get done right. As straw bales wall settle, they sometimes shift. If you’ve left a hole–of any size–the plaster is going to crack, and presto, … Continue reading

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Plastering: Alis (or Aliz)

The interior plaster is done (everything but a few spots around the doors), so now it’s onto the next phase–the alis (or aliz) to smooth over the earth plaster. Like all plasters, first thing is to come up with a … Continue reading

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Snow, Rain and Natrual Fiber Plaster

We’ve been covering the main lodge with natural fiber plaster (it’s earth based, with straw, fine sand, and wheat paste in it), and then adding alis over that. The two coats of plaster were great, but the aliz smoothed over … Continue reading

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We’ve started the outside plaster work — it’s natural fiber stucco (earth plaster). And it’s going great. The first step with any plaster work is to get the mix right. This means some experimentation. Every bit of clay is different, … Continue reading

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