STUDY: Diabetes is caused by Plastic Wrappers/Bottles

Plastic Wrapped VegetablesWe encourage growing your own food, or getting fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets. Not only does this cut down on the amount of petroleum that is used to get the products to you, these fresh and local products are rarely wrapped in plastic — just a paper bag will do.

Now, more scientific data is pouring in that indicates that plastics, which contain a chemical knows as phthalates, the ones that are used in drink bottles, food wrappers, and in virtually every packaged product you buy are quite harmful. In particular, they might be a major cause of diabetes.

More than twice as many Americans have type 2 diabetes than 30 years ago, and new research suggests that our sedentary lifestyle habits and overconsumption of calories may not be the only reasons. Certain chemicals called phthalates — ubiquitous in soft plastic packaging, fragrances, and cosmetics — could be contributing to a rise in diabetes rates, according to a study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

It’s one of a handful of recent studies that found a statistical association between high levels of phthalates and an increased risk of diabetes, but it couldn’t determine whether there was a causal effect, in part because phthalate levels were measured at one point in time — after the study participants had already been diagnosed with the disease.

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