Seeds for Spring


A Recent Delivery of Seeds

We have two main sources for our seeds: American Meadows and Native Seeds. Both offer non-GMO seeds and native seeds provides heirloom seeds.

Thanks to all of the donors to our campaigns for funding our planting efforts. The photo  above features just a sample of some of the seeds we plant, including Sunflower seeds to offset CO2, wildflowers to feed wild bees and wild birds, and our new program to grow Milkweed. Monarch butterfly larva, in fact, can only eat Milkweed, but this beautiful wildflower has been eradicated under the label of a weed. And, development has largely eliminated it.

We have a special irrigation system here on the ranch to provide continuous low-flow watering of these seeds from our wind-powered windmill and well. However, we also provide seed packets at several events a year to get hundreds of seeds distributed all over the southwest.

We are also working to restore native grasses, such as the New Mexico Grama grass.

Finally, we just got in ten lick-tubs (normally used to provide feed to cows) to use as planters here on the ranch. The tubs are very slippery, causing them to provide high levels of protection from crawling insects to the plants they house. We will be planting some native seeds in them, such as corn, beans and squash which the Hopi people called “the Three Sisters.”

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