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We’re starting this as the beginning of an adventure.  This is the dream we’ve talked about for a few years — get off the grid, downsize, stop being a rat in the race.  Lots of talk, and now it’s time for action.  So what kicked this off?

Timing–it’s always about that. Right now land is cheep…well, relatively.  We can still sell the current house for more than we paid for it, and that’s our funding.  But we’re looking to do this the right way–meaning, if we can do this, so can anyone else.  It’s all going an experiment.  Which is enough to scare the crap out of anyone.  (Deep breathing here…)

Change just is scary.  It takes a lot of work to uproot a household, to change habits that are comfortable as old sweats, to do more than sit down at dinner and talk about what you want.  And we’ll see now if we get there….

First step:  We’re looking at properties.  The goal is to stay reasonably close to LA where we both have lots of work contacts.  And yet to get enough land we can build–and garden, and do wind/solar, etc. 

Second step, also undertaken — we’re listing the house, showing it (god, do I hate that part of it), have an offer, and we’re countering.  The paperwork is enough to scare anyone into staying put.  I know now why more folks don’t do this–it’s overwhelming.  And I so don’t even want to think about the moving…not yet.

Third step is looming — yard sale.  Meaning time to get serious about that downsizing.  Time to sort, sell, give away and just generally figure out if we really need this much stuff.  Twelve years since the last move, and that’s more than time enough to have way too much stuff.  And I’m in a mood these days to make sure my stuff doesn’t end in a landfill–meaning it really needs to go to good homes.  New rule: what’s not useful and beautiful, is going to a new home.

After that…well, let’s see how the offers go.  Might be moving time to temp quarters (and why do I forget that adventures often have this element of the uncomfortable to go along with the exciting?).

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