Progress Report: The Gate

All 140 acres of the Cielito Lindo Ranch property are fenced with modern barb-wire fence. It’s so well fenced, in fact, that to access the land we had to find a low spot and roll under the bottom wire boot-camp style.

Marie Lee, our seller’s agent was kind enough to install what’s called a “country gate”, which is to say she clipped the wires and attached them to a second pole. To open the country gate meant unhooking some clips and dragging the loose wires away and letting them flop onto the ground. As you can imagine, this type of gate is of limited utility.

As you can see from the picture above, we now have what looks like a completely new and modern ranch gate. Yet, it’s completely recycled and reused. The beefy poles you see on the sides are actually rail-road ties that were already on the ranch — they were part of the tumble-down coral. The pipe-gate was actually purchased new, but never installed because it was the wrong size and sat in a barn for many years.

So, we open our gates in a manner consistent with our “vision”, the gate itself made from recycled, re-purposed, or re-used materials.


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