Porch Become Storage Building

The back porch was meant to be a place where we sat and enjoyed the sunset. Well…it was never used. This shows the importance of knowing the area where you are building. Our wind and weather comes in from the west–meaning this was not a useful space. However, we had need of more storage space, mostly for batteries for solar and  wind power. So…time to update.

Given that the porch already had adobe walls, we brought those up higher, and then used light clay (straw dipped in a clay slip) to finish the tops. On the west, we’ve also now added a cob bottle wall above the storm door.

Next step is to add in a floor–we’re leaving the walls rough inside so folks can see what’s been done here. But we’ll plaster the outside next building season–it’s  now too cold for plaster. Once the ceiling is in, the shelving goes in and we have storage space.

This work took about three weekends–light clay goes really fast, and you can still see the framing (now down) for one section of light clay. We’ll post more photos of the inside as we get it finished and ready for when winter hits harder (usually in January for us.)

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