It all starts with a single step.

A few years ago, we were like most folks—working hard, carrying too much debt, and dreaming of when we’d have more time. We did what we could to support each other, the enviornment, and local charities, but it never seemed to be enough. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough of anything.

We wanted to opt-out of the rat-race — we wanted “sustainable” lives—meaning lives that didn’t keep taking “too much” of anything. The concept of sustainability is to have enough time, enough money, enough of everything, instead of always trying for too-much or more than you need. And we founded Cielito Lindo Ranch, a charitable non-profit, to help others start to learn about this concept of sustainable living.

Right now, Americans work too much, spend too much, waste too much and subsist on diets that are permeated by dangerous pesticides, hormones and chemicals. We have overburdened landfills, live with excessive fossil fuel consumption, and careless agricultural practices lead to polluted soil and water—this is an unsustanable life. It cannot go on forever. But where do you start if you want to make an impact for the better?

Everyone can start with small steps, from cutting heating, cooling and utility costs, to reusing/recycling, adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle to making household cleaners that are effective, affordable and non-toxic.  Anyone can take bigger steps, as well, to improving the energy efficiency of existing homes, using progressive new construction practices, and even setting up solar and wind power.

But what if that’s not enough. What if you want to make dramatic changes in your life. What if you want to live in a pristine paradise — free from noise, smog, and all pollution (even light pollution). What if you want to live in a community of supportive like-minded individuals who want to work together to research, build, and share what they’ve learned. If your answer is yes to these question, then perhaps  CLR may become your new intentional community home, a place to live sustainably and to develop & share your artistic or technological skills. A place where you are supported in your dreams and assisted in your ambitions by caring friends?

Over a hundred acres of spectacular, pristine land in New Mexico has been purchased for our non-profit research center, learning facilities and intentional community. An expandable wind turbine system is currently powering the entire facility, and the first zero-energy adobe/straw bale building is only a few weeks from completion. We’re buidling with recycled, reclaimed, enviro-friendly products. And now we’re ready to move ahead with the support of a strong community of hand-selected instructors and full or part-time residents.

You could join this community. You could live in communally, or in your own cabin or other dwelling.  You could live for very little (less than some people’s Starbuck’s habit) and profoundly change your life for the better, and be part of spreading the word to the world.

Ready to Opt-Up? Let us know.

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