Natural Fruit

When I was a kid I grew up in a big city and I thought that fruit looked like it did in supermarkets — uniform giant fruit, much of it covered in wax so it’s shiny. I didn’t think anything about the fact that the fruit tasted a lot like cardboard, or that the wax they used was actually Carnauba wax, the same stuff you pay extra for at the car-wash to shine up your  car, or that the bitter taste on the skins of the fruit was me actually tasting the pesticides they put on them.

Since I’ve been in my adventure into the world of sustainability, and eating foods that are locally and organically grown, I’ve learned that fruit can actually be very delicious, have no bitterness, and often grow much smaller.

The picture is of a hand-full of organic peaches grown in my neighborhood. They’re literally bite sized, and sweeter and more flavorful than the supermarket variety. Life’s full of surprises!


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