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It’s always fun to find new resources, and since we’re still working on the lodge (and getting to things now like the ceiling and interior stuff), we’re finding lots of cool things. Here’s some of the best ideas we’ve seen.

Passive solar heating blindsPassive Solar Heating Blinds
These come from The Green Products Company, and what a great idea. They look like ordinary blinds, but provide extra passive solar heat (the sun heats up the air inside the blinds).

The Green Industry Resource Site
Whatever you’re looking for, this is a great site to visit first. From biodisel production to solar and wind power, to house furnishings, or building materials, this is a great site to browse. Lots of cool ideas, too.

Punched tinPunched Tin

Punched tin can be expensive when bought as a final product, but it’s very affordable if you do it yourself, and here’s the supplier to help with that. Tools, tins, patterns and plans to make and decorate your house (this is a great way to take reclaimed cabinets and turn them into something amazing).

Ceiling Recycling

Did you know that if you tear out your old ceiling (office or home), you don’t have to send it to a landfill? Armstrong has a recycling program, and they also sell some very cool ceiling materials that are both made from recycled materials and which have low to no outgassing.

That’s the top list for now, but check back as we expand our list of sustainable resources.



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