How long do we live? 80? 90? 100?

Statistics tell us that, on average, Americans live to be about 72. If you follow this blog you know that it’s possible to extend quality life to 90 and above.

So you could say that at Cielito Lindo Ranch we’ll do our best to give you back your 18 lost years of life. But even then, live is precious and short. So tell me, what do you have to show for it? A house that paid for? Unlikely. Kids raised well and contributing to society? Maybe. A legacy? Something that goes on for many lifetimes? A life-changing novel, an philanthropic institution, a beneficial social phenomenon, a timeless inspirational movie? Sadly… not likely.

So the simple question is this: “What will you leave behind?”, or “What will be your legacy?”

No, I’m not going to even attempt to suggest a legacy for you. This is a deeply personal issue for you to reflect, but do let me offer you this video to give you a bit of perspective. Many of the living things in this video are older than all of man’s civilization, many 2,000; 10,000; and even 80,000 years old.

And these are some of the photographs seen in the video.

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