Large Scale Day & Night Solar System WORKS!

123010hubpmsolar_512x288One of the world’s largest solar power plants is taking shape in Arizona, including a built-in solar energy storage feature that enables it to keep humming along after dark. The plant, called Solana, has just received an infusion of $300 million from the Liberty Interactive Corporation as it completes its final testing stages, which so far have proved successful.

What makes this system special is that it provides power day and night.

Our ranch has been off-the-grid now for three years and happily our system has paid for itself and is now providing free electricity.

Click here to read more about Solana.

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  1. claude says:

    You should check out Solar Reserves Crescent Dunes project near Tonapah, Nevada which is a CSP Project proving enough energy for 75000 homes 24 hours a day.

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