Kiva Progress

We’ve been making progress on the Kiva fireplace, with breaks due to having to work on the plumbing as well (multitasking has a new meaning here).

Kiva with Smoke ChamberThe fireplace now has the Rumsford throat in place and the smoke chamber. Next step is to finish up the adobe around this, and start building up the flue to the roof. We should be done in a day or two.

We’ve had local helpers out to play with the mud–which is one of the great things about adobe. Everyone loves to play with the mud.

Copper fire radiatorBehind the fireplace, we’ve also built and installed our own copper radiator. We’ll run air through the pipes, and in the winter the fire will warm the air, so this will help to heat the bedroom that’s next to the fireplace. This idea comes from one of the CLR Board Members, Moncia Rempen, who found the idea in Irish homes.

This is another passive system–the only cost was for the pipe. We did have to be careful to seal the pipe with adobe blocks so that the local soil would not corrode the pipes (that’s where you do have to know if you have base or acidic soil, and the folks who’ve lived in an area for ages can always tell you this).

Stay tuned for finished (well, finished except for the plaster), next week. And then it’s on to outside plastering and building the bathroom walls with light clay.



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