Want to live to 100? Here’s how

Ever wonder what you can do to extend your life? Live to 100? Perhaps more importantly be healthy and vital until the day you die?

Watch this amazing TED talk:

In summary, according to this study, people who live the longest and healthiest lives:

  • They all do daily physical activity that isn’t overly strenuous on their body or joints
  • They have a purpose that drives them on a daily basis
  • They purposefully slow their lives down to deal with built-up stress
  • They all take some “time off” to reflect or to relax on a very regular basis, relaxing/exposure to nature
  • They eat food based on what is found around them and it forms the majority of their diet
  • They eat mostly plant based foods, with a small amount of fish. They eat until they’re 80% full.
  • They consume a moderate amount of red wine daily.
  • They put their families and relatives first in their lives and have strong social contacts
  • They don’t believe in retirement

Other research points to the importance of:

  • Live in a place with little pollution and noise
  • Live in a natural space, stay away from cities
  • Surround yourself with a small group of supportive loving people
  • Dance
  • Humor

And I’m happy to report we are providing most of this on the ranch!

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