Green News in LA

Green news from the LA Times:

California regulators approved a $350-million rebate offer today to encourage homes and businesses to install water-heating systems powered by solar energy.

The state Public Utilities Commission established the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program, which will use $250 million to replace natural-gas-powered water heaters, with $25 million set aside for low-income customers. An additional $100.8 million will be used to swap out water heaters powered by electricity.

And Rainbarrels for LA:

L.A.’s Department of Public Works unanimously approved a draft of its Low Impact Development ordinance last week. The ordinance would require newly constructed homes, larger developments and some redevelopments to capture, reuse or infiltrate 100% of the runoff generated on-site in a 3/4-inch rainstorm or to pay a storm water pollution mitigation fee that would help fund off-site, public LIDs.

Finally, CA’s new mandatory Green building code:

The code, which takes effect in January 2011, will require that every new home, commercial building and public structure reduce water consumption by 20% below the current code. It mandates separate water meters for indoor and outdoor water use in non-residential buildings. Large landscaping projects will have to install moisture-sensing irrigation systems.

The code will also encourage recycling by forcing builders to divert 50% of construction waste away from landfills. Materials must be low-polluting, as in paints that emit fewer volatile organic compounds. Inspections of energy systems such as heat furnaces and air conditioners will be mandatory in non-residential buildings over 10,000 square feet to ensure that all are working at maximum efficiency.

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One Response to Green News in LA

  1. Brave Warrior says:

    Y’know it all sounds well and good, but have you actually read any of the new regs, such as the “CA Green Code” – like toilet water usage for all new construction is to be figured at 1 flush per day for males, if you have a bidet. Now I’m wondering, who comes up with these numbers, and what happens if you need to go more often, or get sick and need to use the restroom more often, etc. Seems like people are going to be penalized (pay more $$ to extortionists) for being human with human needs.

    Not all that is touted to be “Green” is good, folks. Best take a real close look at what you’re supporting – you may be surprised to find it’s more about funneling your $$ to new energy barons, as that is exactly what is happening in CA.

    If you want to know some of the real dirt behind “green” CA, check out for starters.

    I’ve been a “conservationist” for over 50 years and still am today. I am sickened and disheartened at how the “environmental movement” has been hijacked by selfish greedy liars and so many well-meaning people fall for it all. Real waste and pollution are not really being addressed, and it’s time the American people told their governing agencies to clean up their own act first before imposing anymore of their extortionist tactics on us. The biggest polluters in the world are government agencies – beginning with the Dept. of Defense. All the “green” improvements won’t make a dent until the people of this world take control of their own government’s pollution, contamination, and blatant lying and greed.

    The military industrial complex is spreading depleted uranium all over the mid east. Think it stays just there? Think again. Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that all the bombing, shelling, and use of depleted uranium rounds in all these continuous wars are a much larger threat to Life on planet earth than all the carbon we mere plebeians create. Radiation from depleted uranium does generate heat, as well as all kinds of cancers. Hmmmm. Or what about all the perchlorate that pollutes the water around military bases – do you even know how many bases we have in the U.S.?

    The American people are being brainwashed into feeling guilty for doing the most natural thing in the world required for them to live – exhale. As if what we exhale has not already been dealt with by the Creator when He created the rooted people (plants) that thrive on carbon. So while the elites are doing a fabulous job of preying on the ignorant “guilty” masses by brainwashing them into accepting their tyrannical tax schemes, they’re shittin’ all over the planet, and nobody’s doin’ a thing to stop them. Actually, the masses are supporting them.

    Carbon credits are being bought and sold on the Chicago Climate Exchange – the next “derivatives” bubble scam, so it’s really not about carbon, it’s about making $$ for those in the loop, ’cause the truth is, if those who are waving the “carbon is going to kill us” flag had any real common sense, they wouldn’t tax you, they’d offer to help you plant a tree. And that, my friends, is exactly how simple it is, and is what’s needed. Not more extortion of your wealth via carbon taxes and credits to be traded on the market to engorge the fat wallets of elites who don’t know you, and quite frankly, couldn’t give a flush about you (as they will now allow you to flush only once per day)!

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