Everyday Earth Day

FlowersIt’s Earth Day today, and you’ll find a lot of information on good ideas, such as MSN’s “Stop Wasting, Start Saving” and places like Greenhome.com have specials on cool stuff to buy, which is nice, but in a way it’s part of the problem. And there are both cheaper ways to celebrate Earth Day — and make it an everyday celebration that’s easy on your budget and on the world. Here’s six things that are easy to work into your schedule…

1) Skip shopping today. In fact, start making one less trip to the store every week. Make it a day to use what you have, to sit in the sun, go to a park, work in the garden, or just relax.

2) Stop buying bottled water. Start refilling your bottles from home, or carry a thermos with you with your own water (that way you can flavor it, too, with fresh squeezed lemon or lime), and with summer coming the thermos will keep your water cold.

3) Switch over to baking soda, lemon and white vinegar to clean. It can be used to clean bathrooms, kitchens, and it will deodorize as well as clean. Lemon is also great against most bacteria. And white vinegar cuts grease, takes out mildew, removes most stains (vodka also does great to pull out stains). Best of all, these are way cheaper than any other cleaning products–so you’re not just saving the world, you’re saving money.

4) Have a yard sale. Why is this green? You’re letting others buy products from you–meaning they don’t have to go buy from a store and add more stuff to the world. You also make money and get a clean garage. And it gets you outdoors, too.

5) Make and start throwing some seed bombs. These are easy to make with five parts seed to one part clay and one part compost–you can see how these look at Guerrilla Gardening. Use water to mix it all together, dry and keep in your car. Anytime you’re parked near a bare bit of dirt, toss out a seed bomb. It’s the low cost way to off-set the carbon your car adds to the air by in turn adding plants to the world. And you’re leaving the seeds of beauty behind you.

6) Sit and watch the sunset. That’s it. Nothing more is needed, other than to take a hour and just enjoy the world.


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