Clock is Ticking

The land offer’s been accepted.

Sorry, I have to write that again–the land offer’s been accepted.

Now, you don’t make an offer without kind of thinking it’ll fly, but we did go low and kind of thought we might go back and forth a bit. But it’s going to be a done deal, it looks like. That’s assuming the geology passes, and we confirm we can actually build here–and build what we want.  The architect thinks so.  And thank god for other blogs.

First thing I learned from skimming other blogs is if you’re buying land, get an architect involved early.  As in someone who has experience with what goes where and how–and what kind of ground can be built on.  This may not be important elsewhere, but in California, you can count on three things–it will burn, the mud will slide, and the ground will shake.  Just plan on all three, and you’ll be fine. So that’s the goal.  Build green–renewable energy, reused building bits–and build strong.  Also build fireproof.

It’s also good to know a 50-lb dog or bigger keeps the coyotes away (so our smaller dog can relax since he has a pal who fits that criteria).  And the garden is going to be container gardening for edible things–no lawn, and the only landscaping will be with natives.

But I’m getting way ahead here.  First things first–we have 90-days now to check out the land, make sure everything is a green light.  The key is to stay flexible and willing to walk away if things do not look doable.  Make your plans out of rope, so if the rope breaks, you can tie a knot and go on.  One knot down.

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