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• We have as many as 15,000 readers each month!
• Our paper is shipped to dozens of states and several other countries.
• Circulation has increased 1,500% since February 2013
• We are now serving the communities of Albuquerque, San Antonio, Silver City, Truth or Consequences and Gallup!

Round Up Scholarship:

Round up your ad fee or subscription rate and the money will go to a local graduating senior to help them pay for college. The winner is the student who wins an letter writing contest in the paper.

The Faith Fund:

Mini-Ad -- The Faith Fund - July 2016 Version - ColorClick here to read the Story of the Faith Fund. Note: You may need a Kleenex.
Click here to see a thank you letter to us from our local vet.

The April Issue:

Each April we publish a particularly fun issue that will feature some April Fool’s antics. See if you can spot the one advertisement and one article that are completely made-up.

Classified Ads:

Classified ads are $5 for the first 10 words, and $1 for up to every 5 words thereafter. Add $5 for each photo.


Contact our Ad Wrangler at (575) 322-2250 for all the information you need to place an ad in the Catron Courier. Or send email to

When you advertise in the Catron Courier you’re doing more than promoting your business, event or service — you’re supporting a non-profit, community run newspaper that gives us a voice, entertains us, educates us, and promotes our local economy.

Did you know that every issue of our paper is mailed to all local, state and federal representatives? Let them know what you think!

Our paper is  produced, printed and distributed 100% by your advertising dollars.

Get a Contract! If you buy 5 ads we give you one FREE!
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Advertising Policies:

a) Management reserves the right to reject advertising for any reason at any time at our sole discretion. Please note that item e) and f) from the Article Submission section below apply to advertisements also.

b) Advertising accuracy is ONLY guaranteed when ad requests are complete, clear and concise, are typed or emailed, presented in the correct height/width ratio, and sent to the correct mail/email address, proofs are specifically requested, all materials are received by the 15th, and approved via email before the 20th. The guarantee is limited to the price paid for the single ad or a correction in the next issue.

c) Unless an advertiser pays for premium ad placement, they shall have no control over where their ad will appear in the paper. Ask for our current premium placement pricing.

d) We have a strict limit to how many color ads we can print in each issue. Color ads are available on a first-come first-served basis. Please consider a contract to assure that your ad can run in color each month.

e) We publish a newspaper which uses a printing process that is not as accurate at those used to produce magazines, posters or photographs. There are limits to how small text can be, how much dark color can be used in an ad, how crisp or clear photos will print, and color reproduction is approximate, not perfect. The simpler the ad, and the larger it is, the more likely it will reproduce well. If you have questions about how your ad will reproduce, please ask us well in advance.

f) Ads cancelled by the customer after the closing date (the 20th of the month) must pay a 50% cancellation fee.

g) Sometimes ads are omitted due to space restrictions.  Omitted ads will be run in the next issue. We do our best not to omit event/date driven ads.

h) Legal notices that require an affidavit, notarization, and/or a mailed proof of publication require an additional fee of $25 to cover the costs of providing these services. Please allow 10 business days for this process.

i) Click here to download the price list.

j) If payment is not received within 30 days of the due date according to your invoice, a 3% fee will be added to the due amount each month until the full payment is received.

k) Please see the price list above and or call us at (575) 322-2250 to learn about our current rates and discounts. We consider payment to be when we receive the payment, not when it was sent by the customer.

l) Sorry, we don’t accept advertisements from regional, national or global businesses. We only serve to promote and support local businesses.

m) Returned checks result in a $50 fee.

n) We aggressively pursue payment because we can’t afford to forgive debtors — remember, we are a non-profit and we operate hand-to-mouth. Please only advertise if you can afford to pay your bills.

o) These terms are subject to change at any time. Please visit this site before advertising to make sure you have read, understand, and agree to the current terms as spelled out here.

p) You must hold copyright, or have written permission from the copyright holder for any and all text, photos or artwork in your ad.

q) Contract customers may request monthly proofs. The fee is $10 per month for this additional service. The first proof of a contract is free.

r) If your ad features address, phone number, or business hours, or a time based coupon, it is incumbent on you to notify us of this information has changed well in advance. We’re happy to make minor changes to your ad each month at no charge to you, but letting us know in advance is your responsibility alone. If you make major changes, such as large changes to copy or changing photographs in your ad, there will be an additional charge each time the ad changes.

s) Please submit ads that conform to the appropriate ad size and ratio that you’re ordering. If an submitted ad is in the wrong ratio we might be unable to run it, we may be able to truncate it to fit, but we don’t have the resources to rebuild ads at no charge. If you need information on ad sizes, ratios, and the number of words that can appear in an ad and still be legible, please download this file for more details or contact us well in advance to get the information you need.

t) If this newspaper ceases to operate for any reason, no refunds will be provided — any ads you’ve paid for but haven’t been printed, or any remaining credit on your contract will be considered a donation. If this occurs, you may ask for a tax-deductible receipt for your records.

u) Submit advertisements only if you’ve read, understand, and agree to these terms.

Article Submissions:

We welcome anyone to submit articles to this newspaper. We aim to allow all voices to be heard without imposing any political, ideological, or religious bias or restrictions.

a) We regularly publish articles that are entertaining, and/or educational, and of general interest to our community — such as articles about local events, local issues, area history, community service organizations, public safety, local government meetings, recipes, gardening, sustainability tips, local artists or writers and their works, local businesses, exceptional students, and interesting residents. Missing pets and obituaries are always free. We’re always looking for good jokes, “Country Wisdom”, and riddles too!

b) If your piece is an editorial, try to keep it down to 500 – 750 words. The shorter the article the more likely we can use it. Excessively long (over 1,000 words) are rarely if ever printed.

c) All submissions are all edited and modified (both text and photos). Submitters have no control over how we modify, how we print, when we print, or if we print submissions.

d) If you plan to make a submission, please don’t expect us to help you write it, or work with you as writing instructors, act as poof-readers, editors or advisors on your article. If your submission doesn’t meet our editorial requirements we’ll let you know and that is all we can do for you.

e) This is a family-friendly, positive, constructive publication — so we NEVER print articles (or ads) that are objectionable, false, hateful, intolerant, racist, bigoted, inflammatory, malicious, abusive, violent, nasty, petty, spiteful, vengeful, grotesque, gory, contain rumors, are libelous, divisive, overly political or partisan, endorse or oppose any political candidate, or attempt to influence any legislation or political causes.

f) Don’t send us submissions that level complaints or make allegations against an individual or business or deal in any way with slights, offenses taken, conflicts, contracts, litigation, or law enforcement issues — that’s what personal conflict resolution, mediation, attorneys, and court is for.

g) We also will never publish any article that is submitted anonymously or is nothing but a disguised advertisement.

h) Our non-profit organization promotes local businesses as per Article One, Section Two of our Bylaws. We especially like covering the opening/re-opening of new businesses in the area – if you operate such a business, please feel free to contact us. We make best efforts to, but do not guarantee, to run an article which includes information on that business. This is done at no charge in our efforts to promote a strong local economy. However, these articles are not an advertisements, so the information provided is not going to appear in the paper in it’s exact form. Some of the information provided will be used, along with other information, to create a brief, entertaining, and informative article of interest to our readers. A draft will not be provided to the business for approval prior to publication. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

If a new or re-opening business would like complete editorial control, to receive a proof prior to publication, and an accuracy guarantee they will need to run a paid advertisement.

i) Space is at a premium, so we only print a fraction of the articles that are submitted. The shorter the article the more likely it will be published. But don’t give up; we often hold articles over to future issues when space becomes available.

j) Also, the only pictures we can use must be submitted via email to as JPG files no longer than 5 meg each. Your pictures will be cropped, adjusted, and edited. We can’t use paper printouts or physical photographs – please don’t sent them.

k) We don’t pay for articles, opinion pieces, photographs or any other contributions sent to us or used by us.

l) The Catron Courier is distributed nationwide through our subscription program and through our partner PressReader receives global distribution. Each issue states that the authors of the materials we publish retain ownership and copyright of their works. Your works may appear, fully attributed, in reprints of our articles.

m) All text MUST BE SUBMITTED AS A “.TXT” OR “.DOCX” FILE. An image of a document in “.PDF” cannot be used. Text within an email can not be used.


n) When you submit anything to the Courier, including letters to the editor, photographs, art, or text, you are granting the Catron Courier unrestricted permission to print it in the newspaper, collections, books and electronically media without any limitations or time limits. See item “l” above.

o) No physical materials sent to us (such as letters, documents, photographs, etc.) are ever returned to the sender. Such items become our property.

p) When you submit any material you are representing that you own the copyright or have written permission from the copyright holder to submit it to the Catron Courier. If not, please don’t submit it.

q) The Catron Courier has no political, religious, or ideological bias, so all submissions from community members will be printed as long as they adhere to all of our guidelines, especially item “e” and “f” above

r) Submit material only if you’ve read, understand, and agree to these terms.

Back Issues:

Back Issues are available back to February 2013 in very limited quantities. The first copy is $5.00 and additional copies are $3.00 each. Please email us with your order.


Wanna read your copy of the Courier before anyone else? PressReader is the first place the Courier appears, even before the paper is printed!

Also, all current and back issues are now available world-wide for Kindle, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and even printed copies via

Winter Issue / Hiatus:

Each year we print a special December/January Winter Issue that is published the first week in December. There is no paper delivery in January, and normal distribution resumes the first week of February with the February issue.

Official Sponsors:

Official Sponsors are those advertisers who also make a donation to Cielito Lindo Ranch, Inc. of at least $100 per month above and beyond their advertising fees. These donations are tax deductible (as allowed by law) where as advertising fees are not.

Official Sponsors are gifted a special border for their ads which draw the readers attention. The border reads: “(sponsor name) is an Official Sponsor of the Catron Courier — Please Support them with Your Business.

Why is Cielito Lindo Ranch Publishing the Catron Courier?

Solar Wind Icon

Did you know that the average meal travels 2,000 miles before it arrives on your dinner table? It’s crazy that the hamburger you bought for dinner came from Argentina while your neighbor who is a cattle rancher can’t make a living selling his cattle. This happens because of globalization and the weakening of local economies and impotent local government. The amount of fuel used, jobs displaced, and loss of local control is devastating. Only by bringing communities together and strengthening local economies can this be resolved. This is a critical part of sustainability — the ability to maintain a good, healthy, and happy way of life that will last the test of time.

The Catron Courier is a local newspaper that helps promote local businesses (you’ll never see a Walmart or Safeway ad in the Courier), involve people in strong local government, teach people sustainable living tips and techniques, creating their own power, improve their health by making better food and lifestyle choices, and encourages a balanced local economy. All these things lead directly to a sustainable life for us, and eventually the entire world.

Email us at

“Thank you for the Catron Courier. Newspapers in our county are a rarity. I especially like the notes covering the Catron County Commission Meetings. Please keep up the good work!”
– Patricia Stineburg
“Thank you for your most excellent newspaper! We sure enjoy each and every issue and hope you’ll continue forever!!”
– Robert and Chris Patten
“You are publishing the very best newspaper that Catron County has ever, ever had! I really enjoy the riddles, and the detailed Commission meeting notes. Thank you and your Staff.”
-Connie May



9 Responses to Catron Courier

  1. Jim Hathaway says:

    Please contact me reference advertising in the Courier..


    Jim Hathaway
    Plaza Furniture

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  4. James Pfeifer says:

    I have been reading your newspaper on the web but I cannot find anywhere your listing of classified ads. Can you tell me where to look?

  5. Doug Veazey says:

    Attn. Sam As a fellow journalist publishing the TOWN TALK Newspaper in Gallup I admire your publication and the desire you have to provide a community paper. For several months I have noticed the Couriers arrival here. I CANT MISS IT… your delivery person feels free to use my newsstands and choice locations provided to TOWN TALK over the past ten-plus years. At these sites our newspapers have been removed and replaced with the Courier. This practice can’t continue. Notify your delivery people that our news racks are NOT for your use. In the future you’ll need to provide your own racks. We’ve had this problem with other papers as well. We can’t and won’t allow this situation to continue. Your assistance in rectifying this matter will be appreciated. Doug

    • admin says:

      We distribute currently in two places in Gallup. We don’t have our own racks (we’re a small, non-profit publication). And we actually leave it up to the locations to put the paper where they wish it to be. So you might want to talk to the locations about the placement. We’re not looking to take anyone’s spot–but it might be that the local spots just put it where there’s an empty space.

  6. Doc Marlow says:

    We were very happy to again receive the Carton Courier in our mail box this month. It is a great publication. We appriciate all the time and effort that is put into it. Keep up the good work!!!

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