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Sustainable Gift Giving

We’ve all struggled to figure out what would be a good gift for loved one for a dear friend, and we’ve all made the mistake of buying a gift that ends up in a closet or re-gifted because it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Adoption of Sustainability in Business

Over the past two decades, sustainability has become more than a fad or just a buzz word. Research shows that sustainability has real business benefits when conscientiously integrated into business operations. Five major advantages for practicing sustainability are: 1. Being … Continue reading

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Porch Become Storage Building

The back porch was meant to be a place where we sat and enjoyed the sunset. Well…it was never used. This shows the importance of knowing the area where you are building. Our wind and weather comes in from the … Continue reading

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Lick Tub Garden Update

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July Sustainability Tips – Reducing Plastics

Reducing plastics is easier than you think—and it can help keep you healthier, too. Buy wool, cotton and silk: This is obvious, and that’s why it’s first. You also get the advantage in that these fabrics are generally less flammable … Continue reading

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A lot of folks start off the year with resolutions–a desire to do better. But instead of making this a once a year idea, how about daily, small resolutions that are easier to accomplish. There are some simple ones that … Continue reading

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Why you never plaster over a hole!

The trouble with having help in to do plaster work is that sometimes it doesn’t get done right. As straw bales wall settle, they sometimes shift. If you’ve left a hole–of any size–the plaster is going to crack, and presto, … Continue reading

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2014 Workshops

This year we’re offering two one-day workshops. Adobe Workshop – July 19, 10 AM – 3 PM – Learn the basics of making adobe, and adobe mud. Includes hands on building experience and mud mixing. Workshop will cover building an … Continue reading

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Sustainable Ideas

There’s lots of folks doing cool things out there and it seems a good time to take a look at what’s going on. In Scotland, one island has taken back its power–the people own the land and they have both … Continue reading

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Click here to hear the song “Benson Arizona”. Readers of the Catron Courier will understand what this is all about. You’ll find the lyrics in the newspaper. Why not sing along?

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