Boing! Bite! Itch!

fleaNow that the weather is warming up, pet lovers start thinking about fleas. We all know that if we don’t work to control fleas, they become a terrible, itchy, disgusting pest that makes our beloved pets and ourselves suffer.

The problem with most flea sprays is that they contain carbaryl, which is a form of nerve gas. The problem is that the poison also attacks OUR nervous system, and has been proven to damage the most vulnerable of us — our (and our pet’s) developing fetuses.

There are a couple of simple things we can do to control fleas without using nerve gas:

  1. Use flea control that’s made with pyrethrin. It kills insects, but it’s made of chrysanthemums!
  2. Feed your dog or cat a supplement rich in garlic and brewers yeast. These foods make a pet’s blood unappealing to biting insects.
  3. Use a insecticide that blends various safe ingredients that kill insects effectively with a pleasant smell. Our favorite on the ranch is Sergeant’s Green products. They are made with peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil and thyme oil. They smell great and they’re independently tested to be 85% as effective as the toxic stuff.

One of our workshops deals with making your own do-it-yourself version of the Sergeant’s Green product. Our version is just as good (or better) and costs 1/4 the price to make yourself. Be sure to watch for the workshop dates and sign up.

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