Biophilia — Nature Makes Us Happy

Did you know that more people go to zoos than all sporting events combined? Add to that the 275 million people who visit National Parks each year. People are flocking to nature and animals — but why?

There’s strong scientific evidence of a phenomena called biophilia (click for the Wikipedia definition), which, in short is a love for nature and all things natural. Even in these days of increased obsession with smartphones, tablet computers, and portable video game systems, we still love to be in nature.

The article in this blog entitled Why We’re all ADD explores this to some extent. In short, being in natural, quiet places — surrounded by natural beauty and animals, lowers stress, speeds healing, and improves your health.

Have you spent enough time in nature recently?

This video of the stunning American West (including New Mexico) is less than seven minutes long, but it might just cause a bit of biophilia in you too:

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