Arizona Fire Update – June 8

Driving West toward CLR last night

Rather than stay at the ranch yesterday and breathe bad air, it seemed like a good day to drive east and buy some building materials. After a day away, this was the scene driving west toward the ranch last night. The smoke was thick and the air was difficult to breathe.

Last news we’ve received says that Eager Arizona has been evacuated, but not Luna New Mexico — as far as we can tell the fire is still mostly in Arizona, but I know it’s in New Mexico too.

Given the lack of info, all I can really do is monitor the situation here. This morning it seemed like a voluntary evacuation might be necessary — just to avoid the bad air.

Good morning clear skies!

The good news came this morning. This is a scene at the drinker — four equines happily drinking on a mostly clear day.

The winds must have shifted, because the sky has been clear all day. Just now (2:30 PM) is the wind changing and is the smell of smoke returning.

I guess this is a game of “wait and see”.

I’ll keep you posted as events unfold. All is safe and secure at this time — thank goodness.

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  1. Suzie says:

    Be safe Sammy.

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