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From an article by Food Futures Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

Before your next trip to the supermarket, grab your shopping list and Friends of the Earth’s scorecard to see where your go-to grocery store stands in the fight to protect bees and the environment. Bees and other pollinators are essential to many of the most nutritious and delicious foods on grocery store shelves. They pollinate one-in-three bites of food, from strawberries and broccoli to almonds. Globally, between $235 and $577 billion worth of annual global food production relies on direct contributions by pollinators.

Unfortunately, pollinators are in serious trouble, which means the food in our supermarkets is too–40% of all invertebrate pollinating species are on the brink of extinction. And a growing body of scientific evidence points to neonicotinoids and glyphosate—chemicals used in everyday weed-killers—as key contributors in the bee and monarch butterfly decline.

In the report, “Swarming the Aisles,” Friends of the Earth scored 20 of the largest food retailers in the US In recent years, due to rapidly growing consumer demand, food retailers have been stocking store shelves with more healthy, organic and sustainable options. However, the majority of top retailers, those ranked by total US sales, have failed to do their part to protect pollinators.

The report found that 17 out of 20 leading food retailers received an “F” for failing to have a public policy to reduce or eliminate pesticide use. Only Aldi, Costco and Whole Foods received passing grades.

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